The concept of this type of camera is very simple, the camera has only a limited number of sensors. The use of very wide angle lenses can cover the entire 360 ​° field. Generally, there are only two sensors that are completely integrated in the device, and unlike the multi-camera support, the user manages only one camera. The camera settings are applied to all the sensors in a completely transparent way. Finally, the image produced by the camera is directly the result of the fusion of each sensor.

As a result, the use of this type of camera is disconcertingly simple: an on / off button, a WiFi activation button, a selection button between the photo and the video, and finally a trigger button. Many advanced settings remain available from a smartphone or tablet connected in wifi.

Ricoh was a pioneer with the commercialization of its Ricoh Theta, a mainstream 360° image capture camera (here the Ricoh Theta SC).


The offer in 360 camera is in full explosion. Many manufacturers such as Nikon, Gopro or Garmin are trying to capture this new market. The competition that will result as well as the many technological advances will undoubtedly allow us to have camera always more powerful and rich in features.


The following pages present some 360 cameras / cameras that are market standards in 2018-2019:

The specifications mentioned on the site are likely to be modified by the manufacturers without notice. They are given here for information.

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