The Ricoh Theta Z1 is in line with the 360 cameras / cameras Ricoh brand. The Z1 is distinguished by the presence of two sensors of one inch, a first for a camera 360 general public.

An immediate consequence is the size of the camera which is more important than previous generations of Ricoh Theta without being unacceptable far from it.


The main advantage of the sensor size is found in the resolution of the images and the capture capabilities in difficult light conditions (the max sensitivity is 6400 ISO). This camera gives all its capacities in photographs, the still images are of a finesse still little equalized for public devices, on the other hand, the performances in video are more in retreat compared to the market in 2019, in particular compared to the Inst360 ONE X.

Clearly, we can move more willingly to this camera when the intended use is 360 ° photography. This point is reinforced by the ability to save images not only in Jpeg format, but also in RAW DNG format.

A small integrated screen located on the base allows the user to check its settings. It is very far from being able to display images, but nevertheless remains relevant when one wants to control the settings quickly or to modify them directly on the camera.


Images and videos are stored in the internal memory of 19GB, which can hold about 2400 photos in jpeg format or 40 minutes of videos in 4K. It is not possible to expand the internal memory using an SD card for example. If there is a saturation of the memory in the field, there will be no choice but to empty the internal memory on an external device (PC, card bouncer).

Video resolution 4K 3840×1920 @ 29.97fps / 56 Mbps
Photo resolution 23 MP 6720 × 3360
Stabilization 3 axes stabilization
Waterproof No (to be confirmed)
Impact resistance No
Price (Oct 2019) 999 €


The specifications mentioned are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice. They are given here for information. The images on this page are the property of Ricoh.

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