The Qoocam 8K camera from Kandao is the first consumer 360 camera that captures 8K video. Its characteristics make it a priori attractive (large integrated screen, high resolution, HDR mode, etc.). Nevertheless, it will have had some difficulty finding its audience, probably because the early versions suffered from software problems, and the captured files are heavy to handle, making the operating process uncertain.


One of the interesting characteristics is in the dynamics of video capture


Introductory video:


Max video resolution

7680 * 3840 @ 30fps 8 / 10bit

3840 * 1920 @ 120fps 8 / 10bit

Photo resolution

7680 * 3840, 12bit DNG (RAW), Raw + photo (16bit)

Stabilization Yes
Water resistance No
Screen 2.4 inches
Price (March 2021) 599 €

The specifications mentioned are subject to change by the manufacturer without notice. They are given here for information. The images on this page are the property of Kandao .

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