The basic equipment needed to shoot panoramic, 360° or mini-planets with a Gopro is presented on this page:



The tripod is generally used for the stability of the camera. In the context presented here of the panoramic photography, we use it first to guarantee the capture of images of a series from a single spatial position. Only the orientation of the camera will change. The chosen tripod must allow the stability of the complete system (camera, panoramic head or double L), the best choice naturally depends on the camera and the panoramic head. For my part I use a tripod Gitzo (model GT2830) with a three-axis head of Manfrotto.


Of course, it is the indispensable element. Any digital camera will allow the shots presented on this site. Gopro cameras are now well known and democratized, I use a model Gopro Hero 3 in photographic mode to quickly realize mini-planets.
Refer to the “Gopro Phenomenon” page.


For the Gopro, very good assembly results are obtained by using a single double L fastener. This inexpensive equipment also has the advantage of offering several uses. The slides allow the translation of the rules between them, and thus adjust the position of the camera around the central point of rotation.


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