360 – Long Telesin 3m selfie stick

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The “drone” effect that can be obtained with a 3 meter pole is relatively spectacular. A long pole of this type is for me the essential accessory for your 360 camera. It allows you to ob poletain an interesting visual effect without requiring a lot of equipment (drone…). I have already used several 3m poles, here I suggest you examine the latest model from Telesin.

The Telesin pole reviewed in this article is the second in the series. It generally presents an improved aspect of solidity, it should thus be a little more rigid, and thus less fluctuate according to the wind.



In the fully folded position, the pole is 40 cm long, which means that it is compact enough to fit in all backpacks. With a somewhat bulky hiking bag, this should not be difficult, the inclination of the pole in the bag will still be necessary. On the other hand, with small city backpacks, the pole will generally be too large to fit completely in the bag.

The pole consists of a total of 9 segments, which are fixed together by friction. For some junctions, a plastic element provides the fixing for a group of segments. Thus, we can consider that we have 4 macro segments of length 38cm, 56cm, 84cm and 82cm. These macro segments deploy independently of each other which allows to have intermediate lengths


Finding the maximum length is very practical since all you have to do is slide each element to the stop. On the other hand, if you want an intermediate length by composition of the macro segments, the fixing and rigidity of the pole can be largely improved. For this use, I strongly advise to keep your standard pole of 1.20 – 1.50m. Thus, this 3m pole is to be considered as an additional pole, and not as the universal pole for your 360 camera.

With a lightweight Insta360 ONE X2 type camera, the bending of the boom is moderate, and this makes the boom inconspicuous. In general, I find that total invisibility is not achieved unlike the shorter standard pole. Note that this pole is not suitable for heavier cameras.







The Telesin pole is simple and effective to accompany your 360 camera, it represents an excellent choice in 2022.