JFK assassination in 360

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On November 22, 1963, a historic event occurred: the assassination of United States President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in the city of Dallas, Texas. Several decades later, you can see the background to this event in the short 360 documentary below. … Read More

Mission to Mars : Inside the control room

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In recent years, the planet Mars has been the center of attention, missions follow one another. The latest among the most spectacular is NASA’s Perceverance rover, a one-ton vehicle, which touched down in Jezero Crater on February 18, 2021. The … Read More

Happy new year 2021 !

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When starting a new year it is not common to think of the one that ends without regret or nostalgia. The same goes for 2020. The pandemic that has affected the world will leave indelible marks on all of us. … Read More

Insta360 ONE X2

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After the success of the first Insta360 ONE X, the second version was eagerly awaited. If the external aspect is almost unchanged, as well as the resolution which remains at 5.7K in video, it is especially on the functions that … Read More

World record : 827 Megapixels under the water

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The largest underwater panoramic photograph in the world, with its 827 Megapixels, was taken by Brazilian photographer Macio Cabral. The chosen place Lagoa Misteriosa, literally “The Mysterious Lagoon”, has crystal clear water and above all great stability, with little movement. … Read More

Joel Meyerowitz – Panoramic

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Joel Meyerowitz is an American photographer born in New York. He started his career as a black and white street photographer, then switched to color photography. His most famous book, Cape Light published in 1979, is a reference in color … Read More

Insta360 ONE R – A modular camera !

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The Insta360 company has made a name for itself with the general public with its famous Insta360 ONE X. This manufacturer has just announced its latest, the Insta360 ONE R. This camera is distinguished by its modular design which allows … Read More

Happy new year 2020 !

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A new year is beginning, it’s time for everyone to share their wishes. I hope that 2020 will see the achievement of all your personal and of course photographic objectives. The PhotoPlanet360 site will continue to develop, and will be … Read More

360 Photo : Erase by stacking

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In this article, I present an extremely effective technique to erase the presence of the photographer or any other element in a 360° photograph. Indeed, all the directions being captured, they all appear in the final image and, unlike standard … Read More

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