Insta360 ONE X2 – Extended selfie stick

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In the world of 360, the use of a camera pole, commonly known as a “selfie stick”, is now very classic for taking a photo or filming yourself. The use of a pole of several meters is less usual, and also less discreet, it allows for drone-type views that I particularly appreciate. A quick overview.

Conventional poles are around one meter long. The manufacturer Insta360 offers a so-called “invisible” pole because it does not appear in 360 images. Of course, there is no magic here but a very good tip. Indeed, via the double capture by the two lenses, this makes it possible to capture all directions and obtain the equivalent of a “small blind spot” at the base of the camera, thus making the holding and fixing system invisible.

The principle is exactly the same for longer poles. The one I’m showing here is the latest iteration of Insta360’s extended boom.


The pole consists of 6 tubes that fit into each other to give a length of 36 cm in the fully folded position, and a length of 3 meters in the fully extended position.


The fastening system between the different tubes allows support at all intermediate lengths. Thus, you can opt for the length that corresponds to your use. For example, for a virtual visit, we could use the average height of 1.70m.

The materials used ensure a fairly good rigidity of the whole even in the fully extended position. The improvement over the previous version is to be noted although I expected better stiffness. In terms of image, the pole is not very noticeable (there is a small diffuse area which is acceptable by current uses):


This pole makes it possible to create images taken from atypical points of view. Without this device which allows the camera to be located in otherwise inaccessible places, these images would be very difficult to obtain with simple means. The capture below allows you to take a selfie from the foliage of tall trees.

 P0119-insta360-extended-selfie-stick -13

 P0119-insta360-extended-selfie-stick -14


There are several interesting aspects to using a long pole. One of the most important for me is to allow images that resemble drone views (at low altitude of course). By combining the height of 3m with a wide angle view, you get a good view of a person and their environment at the same time, a very interesting “aerial” view.


 P0119-insta360-extended-selfie-stick -07


Remember, all the images on this page were obtained solo, without any assistance. And this is indeed an attraction of the 360 ​​with a long pole, allowing to create images with little means.






I really appreciate this use of 360 cameras with the long poles, I find that it allows to create images with points of view that are out of the ordinary. This is probably why I like this accessory even though it is true that it is not totally invisible in the pictures. Is it compulsory in addition to your 360? Certainly not. Is it recommended, I would say yes.