Insta360 ONE R – A modular camera !

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The Insta360 company has made a name for itself with the general public with its famous Insta360 ONE X. This manufacturer has just announced its latest, the Insta360 ONE R. This camera is distinguished by its modular design which allows … Read More

Insta360 ONE X – Format RAW

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Similar to traditional cameras (especially SLR cameras), some 360 cameras can also capture RAW images. I’m looking at this format for Insta360 ONE X cameras and how to use these files. In this article, I compare the detailed results obtained … Read More

Insta360 ONE X – Quick capture

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To avoid missing any event when shooting, the Insta360 ONE X camera not only captures in all directions, but also offers a quick capture mode that starts the camera directly in video capture mode. Let’s discover this particular mode in … Read More

Insta360 ONE X

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The youngest of my photographic arsenal is called Insta360 ONE X, it is a 360 camera that completes my equipment to make photos and especially videos in 360°. This opens up a whole new set of possibilities that I would … Read More

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