Insta360 ONE X2 – Photography

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The ONE X2 differs from its little sister, the ONE X, by better image quality and richer functionality, although it offers exactly the same resolution. Review of improvements with some concrete examples.

P0107 -Title-01-365px


Like many interesting novelties, once known, one wonders why they did not appear sooner. This is the case with lens simulation, in fact, the 360-degree capture allows you to simulate captures of traditional formats such as panoramic or wide angle. I think that this idea can be further improved and mature in its use and in the exploitation of the results.




This new mode should bring a significant improvement in the rendering of images. I suggest you compare the results with a concrete example captured with different modes.


P0107-Photo -maison1


Again, there is no improvement in the intrinsic resolution of the images obtained. However, if we compare the images of the ONE X and the ONE X2 for the exact same scene, we realize that the images of the ONE X2 give a higher quality feel. The improvement is all the more marked as the image is enlarged a little.


See my article for a visual comparison of the ONE X and the ONE X2.

However, the still limited resolution does not allow professional use for high resolution images or to compare with traditional cameras or cameras by cropping 360 images.

See my article on the comparison of standard 4K camera resolution with a 360 camera.


In the case of a high contrast scene, which is very common in 360 since all you need is the sun and a dark area, the ONE X2 behaves very well. We see in the following examples, the density of the shaded areas is well controlled, the areas are not completely black and there are details.



The phenomenon of chromatic aberration is also well mastered. In high contrast images like below, typically the case of a backlit tree branch, chromatic aberration is generally quite present, as can be seen in the following images, the phenomenon is observable but remains moderate .

P0107-Aberation -chromatic


To conclude on the photographic performance of the ONE X2, I must say that it is in the lot of the best 360 cameras on the market today (2021). It is set back compared to a more photo-oriented 360 camera, I am thinking of the Ricoh Theta Z1 , but it is true that its price is also double the ONE X2.