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The ONE X2 is a real toolkit for the content creator, it offers many possibilities in both photography and video. With its two sensors that allow it to capture 360-degree scenes, the ONE X2 incorporates all the ingredients that made the success of ONE X, to which its designers have added their experience and maturity to improve the functions already known. From the start, you can clearly feel the distance traveled, the construction of the camera is more solid, the integrated screen increases its usability and its multiple functions will open up many horizons for you to experiment.

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In this general presentation article, I suggest you go through some of the main functions of the ONE X2, my talk will not be exhaustive, it will however allow you to whet your appetite and then study in more depth certain characteristics that will be presented. in future articles.


The ONE X2 is a 360-degree camera, and as such, as it is often said “who can do more, can do less”. Thus, the ONE X2 gives itself the possibility of converting into a panoramic camera with field angles smaller than 360 °. Several modes are available, InstaPano for panoramic image capture, Wide Angle for wide field capture (ultra wide, wide or linear).

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For more information, see my article on photography with the ONE X2.


Now, with the multi-lens capability, you can convert your camera into a panoramic camera, without requiring any specific image processing software. By associating this possibility with the new integrated screen, the photographer can thus see in real situation the framing of his images.

Even if it is true that its small size does not allow very precise framing, I still surprised myself to consider that it is a radical game-changer.

For more on the display, see my full article on the ONE X2 Touchscreen.


In purely technical terms, the sensor has the same resolution as the ONE X, the in-depth comparison that I carried out with the ONE X nevertheless shows an improvement in the quality of the images.

For more details, see my article on a Visual comparison between the ONE X and the ONE X2.


As already mentioned, the new integrated and touch screen makes a real difference. Even if it can still be improved by its size and responsiveness, it already provides significant comfort in mastering and using the ONE X2.


In my article on the ONE X2 Touchscreen, you will discover all the screens as well as the navigation logic that connects them.


Speaking of video, the ONE X2 has powerful image stabilization that has already proven its worth with the ONE X. In all situations, including the most perilous, the results are quite stunning. This is an extremely attractive feature of most 360 cameras now on the market.

Rather than a textual description, you will visually discover in future articles the video possibilities available to you with this camera.


For my part, I am convinced that all the uses for 360-degree capture have not yet been found. There is still a lot to discover, invent and enrich, particularly with the progress of artificial intelligence.

The engineers of Insta360 understood this well, in a very relevant way, they integrated in the application which accompanies the ONE X2 the possibility of submitting its videos for preprogrammed edits. Thanks to this function, you can easily create spectacular effects without requiring the use of complex software.




As you will surely have understood, the ONE X2 presents all-round improvements. Even if we regret that consumer technologies do not yet allow to offer a very high resolution, we can only confirm that we find in the ONE X2 all the ingredients that made the success of the ONE X. Each of them are improved thanks to the experience gained by Insta360. In the PhotoPlanet360 articles to come on the ONE X2, you will discover my experiments with this camera, while waiting to see the arrival of a ONE X3 or a brand new 360 camera that Insta360 will be able to offer us.